Gotu Kola Tea for Improved Memory

There are many beneficial uses to be found in the gotu kola herb. This perennial herb is highly prized in many cultures as well as by many herbal enthusiasts due to the great number of benefits that are found in this valuable plant. One really beneficial and unique advantage of drinking gotu kola tea is that it can help aid in the improvement of memory. This makes it an important herbal remedy for those that suffer from poor memory retention and memory related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Causes of Poor Memory Retention

There are many things that can lead to poor memory retention, some of these conditions being more serious than others. Causes of memory loss and short term memory can either be an issue related to things such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, or it can be a result of a more serious issue such as Alzheimer’s disease. Other causes include alcohol consumption, medications and other prescription drugs, high fever, epilepsies and seizures, and stroke. In worst case scenarios, memory can be affected by brain tumors or other diseases that can lead to brain cell deterioration.

How Gotu Kola Tea Can Help

Gotu kola tea has been praised by many herbalists for its ability to help enhance memory. It can do this in several ways. Stress, one of the most common causes of memory loss can be relieved by drinking gotu kola tea. This particular herbal brew is good for soothing the body and lowering high blood pressure which can reduce stress and anxiety, two common factors that lead to memory loss. It has been said that it also increases memory retention by improving concentration and helping with the nervous system.  To use gotu kola tea for increasing memory retention it is best to drink one to two cups of this tea a day. For the best results, it’s recommended to drink this tea regularly.