Gotu Kola Tea for Skin Conditions

Gotu kola tea is highly prized among herbal enthusiasts due to the many benefits it has to offer as well as the many health conditions that it can offer aid for. It can be taken internally and enjoyed for the soothing properties that it can offer both the body and mind, and it can also be benefited from when used externally on wounds and illnesses that affect the skin. Among the skin conditions that gotu kola tea can be used for, it is most popularly used for issues like psoriasis.

Overview of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that results in inflammation, redness, and dry patches of scaly or rough skin. This type of skin condition is surprisingly common, though it isn’t a contagious condition. It seems that genetic history is the most common cause behind those who develop psoriasis. Psoriasis occurs when skin cells develop too quickly causing dead skin cells to build up on the surface of the skin.

There are certain things that can trigger psoriasis such as too much sunlight, bacteria and viruses, and dry skin. Many health practitioners believe that psoriasis maybe caused by the immune system attacking healthy skin cells. Often times, psoriasis will occur episodically, going away and coming back if triggered by specific conditions.

Using Gotu Kola Tea

Gotu kola tea is known for containing triterpenes. This constituent is what is used to encourage the production of collagen, an important necessity for healthy skin. When applied to the surface of the skin, gotu kola tea can help reduce the appearance of scarring, heal wounds, and even aid in alleviating many other serious skin conditions like psoriasis as well. To apply gotu kola tea, prepare the tea normally and allow it to cool. Use a small cloth to gently apply the tea to the affected area(s).