Gotu Kola Tea for Increased Sexual Drive

Over the years many people have utilized herbal remedies as an aid for a vast number of health concerns. Today, though there are many over the counter medications available to us, many of them come with unwanted side effects or can only be safely taken for a short period of time. For this reason, there are many who still prefer to turn to natural and safe remedies to help them with specific issues. Herbal teas are not only typically safe to use, but they are also effective and convenient, making them a better choice for specific problems such as low sex drive.

Causes of Low Sexual Drive

The causes of low sexual drive vary between men and women. The issue is more commonly experienced in women, but can be experienced by men as well. Some typical causes for a low sexual drive in women are serious diseases such as diabetes, depression, stress, hormone imbalances, medications, and alcohol or drug abuse. Stress, medications, alcohol or drug abuse, and depression can also be a cause behind low sexual desire in men as well. Other conditions that can affect men are disorders such as ED (erectile dysfunction). This disorder can be cause by issues such as low self-esteem, aging, and reduced testosterone levels, though for each individual the cause can be different or even a combination of these different causes.

How Gotu Kola Tea Helps

Gotu kola tea promotes proper blood circulation in the body which can be an asset to improving sexual desire. Certain chemicals that are found in the gotu kola plant can help strengthen the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood which can assist in helping to improve sexual drive in both men and women. Furthermore the soothing effects of this tea can ease depression and anxiety which can also be a cause behind a hindered sexual drive.